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The Hot Summer Dish

June 20, 1993|Libby Slate

It's going to be another long summer on the soaps, where the plots sizzle as much as the real-life temperatures, younger characters come to the forefront to reflect the increased youthful viewership, and mysterious newcomers add their own spice and intrigue. And as summer passions rise, so too, producers hope, will the ratings. Below, a preview of scorching summer soapdom.

All My Children (ABC, noon): Erica and Dimitri marry this month, but their wedded bliss will be put on hold while her daughters Kendall and Bianca give sibling rivalry a whole new spin; Bianca resents her newfound older sister and wants Mom all to herself, while Kendall objects to Bianca's "poor little rich girl" attitude. Brian and Hayley rekindle their friendship, while Charlie becomes insecure in his relationship with Hayley, wondering if her former love for Brian is returning.

Problems arise for newlyweds Tad and Brooke and their former significant others Dixie and Edmund when the true identity of Michael Williams (Tad's lookalike) is revealed. Derek and Mimi plan to marry and have a child. But an outside source threatens to make trouble for Mimi, who still harbors the secret that she slept with Lucas and may be carrying his child. Jack makes unsettling discoveries about his beloved Laurel.

Another World (NBC, 1 p.m.): The Grant-Vicky-Ryan triangle continues, with Vicky and Grant trying to make their marriage work despite Grant's knowledge of what happened between her and Ryan in the cave, the possibility that Vicky is pregnant, and Grant's growing closeness to Amanda. Light will be shed on mysterious newcomers Ian and Joy, with ramifications for all the Bay City families.

The twentysomethings--Brett, Matt, Jenna, Dean, Joy, Dennis, Marley, Victor, Lorna and Kelsey--all try to deal with the complexities of life and love. Rachel and the other Cory women battle valiantly to save Cory Publishing from Spencer and Jake, but there's an unknown dark horse also involved. Cass and Frankie make yet another attempt to wed. Felicia comes to terms with her alcoholism.

As the World Turns (CBS, 1 p.m.): Holden's search for Lily comes to a happy end when she surprises him at Luthers Corners, paving the way for a summer of passion. Upon his return, Hal uncovers both Barbara's hiding place and the fact that she is pregnant with his child; the Harpers, though, are closing in. A murder jolts the residents of Oakdale. Holden learns the truth about Aaron, sending the entire Snyder family into turmoil.

Royce cannot escape his past, which threatens to destroy the trust he has found with Emily and also affects Scott and Neal. Larry and Susan's marriage may become shaky after their decision to proceed with in vitro fertilization. Lucinda must cope with Craig's return and European businessman Damian.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS, 12:30 p.m.): Brooke will be having a busy summer. Her legal battle with the Forresters over the copyright to the miraculous "Belief" fabric continues, with devastating consequences. Two men vie for her affections, while she and romantic rival Taylor learn which woman Ridge will choose. It's a July wedding for Sally--can she live happily ever after? And how long will Eric and Sheila's wedded bliss endure? Keith becomes an important influence on Macy, trying to help her turn her life around. Keith and Kevin refuse to take "no" for an answer from Sly regarding a job for Kevin at the Bikini Bar.

Days of Our Lives (NBC, noon): Bo and Carly do not realize that Carly's son Nicky is pulling tricks to try to reunite her with Nicky's father Lawrence. Someone close to Bo checks into the hospital, which Vivian sees as the ultimate opportunity for murder. Carly's discovery of Vivian's activities leads to a bizarre, Gothic twist of fate, filled with life and death struggles.

John learns that Marlena lied and that the baby could indeed be his. Marlena is desperate to save her marriage, but John convinces her to tell Roman the truth. Sami does something clever and intriguing to try to keep her family together, leading to new story twists and turns. Kristen and John become closer as their paths continually cross; her family's identity will be revealed. An explosive event will draw them even closer together; as John tries to solve one mystery, he will be even more entangled in another one. In her quest to snare Austin and look perfect, Sami develops an eating disorder. Will Carrie and Austin reunite, or will Lucas get Carrie into bed? Baby Abby develops mysterious high fevers, bringing tension and stress to Jack and Jennifer's marriage; Jennifer may be tempted by another man. Tom and Alice turn their home into a halfway house for unwed mothers, AIDS patients, the homeless and other disadvantaged people, causing upheaval in the Horton family.

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