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500 Miles of Confusion

June 20, 1993

As a longtime auto racing fan, I am very disappointed in ABC's recent coverage of the Indianapolis 500 (May 30). The network's commentary was inept, confusing and inaudible at times, making it very difficult to figure out who was even leading the race. At some crucial moments, we were stuck watching rear-axle camera shots of unidentified drivers without any commentary at all.

It's a shame that ESPN can't broadcast this event, as it covers almost all of the PPG-Indy Car Series and does a much better job.

Kim R. Palzes, Westminster

'Knots' Finale Bombed

I'm writing regarding the last episode of "Knots Landing" (CBS, May 13). It was a complete disappointment because of the poor writing. It didn't bring back as many of the old regulars as it should have. Even Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark couldn't help out. The cornball bomb-on-the-plane story line and the stupidly cut final scenes just show how low the series had slipped.

Larry Ginsky, Glendale

Lucci's a Winner

Your cover and article on actress Susan Lucci (TV Times, May 23) really upset me, my daughter and several of my co-workers. We all agree that when she is in a scene, the energy level rises.

To call this beautiful, talented woman a big loser is beyond belief. No matter what her critics say, she is the best in the business.

Betty Bock, Simi Valley

Talk Shows for Men

A number of talk shows ("Sally Jessy Raphael," "Vicki!) have had shows addressed to women on how they can meet men who are rich. For balance, they should also have shows about how men can meet women who are young, slim and fashion-model quality.

Matthew Okada, Pasadena

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