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Nuevo California

June 24, 1993

* Re "Assembly OKs Bill to Divide State," June 11: With a Nuevo California (previously Southern California) we could rethink our political system. We now have four layers of government (and taxes) plus districts and commissions (and more taxes).

* Do we need the federal government (one layer of taxes)?

* Would we need a Nuevo California and its level of taxes (would five or seven regional commissioners work better)?

* Do we need counties (another level of taxes) or would it be better to have cities provide local services as needed and Nuevo California (or regional commissioners) provide needed regional services?

* Do we need cities, with one more level of taxes? (Should we relinquish our historical individuality to others?)

* Do we need school districts with their taxes? Do we need water districts, and their tax costs (or could they be merged into another governmental unit)? Do we need a Public Utilities Commission (which, without consent of the people, taxes the public to support itself)?

Could we establish ourselves with fewer levels of taxes; a lean, responsive, taxpayer-friendly government? Let's begin thinking about a different, less expensive way to be governed! We may have a once in a lifetime opportunity to save ourselves! Felicidad Nuevo California!


Long Beach

Regarding dividing California into three states: State 1 for weirdos and crimminals; State 2 for politicians; State 3 (the smallest, of course) for taxpayers. GRETA A. WANYIK Long Beach

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