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Claremont : Quadruplets Graduate

June 24, 1993

The Struve quadruplets--Kevin, Krista, Todd and Tonya--hung together throughout their high school years, finally crossing the commencement stage together.

Now the 19-year-old quads will join an older brother at Cal Poly Pomona.

Their mother, Connie, said before last week's commencement ceremony at Claremont High School that she had dreamed of seeing her children graduate at once. "One of the goals we set for ourselves is finally coming to fruition," she said. Struve is principal at Kingsley Elementary School in Pomona.

The teen-agers were active in organizing graduation events, from informal sleep-overs to a class trip to Mazatlan, Mexico.

"It's been fun. It's just gone by real quickly," said father Richard Struve, who teaches at Ramona Junior High School in Chino.

Claremont High School Assistant Principal Jim Wylie said the Struve quads were responsible student leaders.

Krista and Tonya served on the student council and played softball. They share a car and a bedroom and worked at the same after-school jobs.

Kevin worked in a video store when he was not playing football.

Todd, who is blind, spent the past year singing bass in a concert choir. He was on the wrestling team for a year.

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