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The Region : Riverside-to-L.A. Metrolink

June 24, 1993

Metrolink's new Riverside-to-Los Angeles commuter line is up and running, allowing San Gabriel Valley residents who work in downtown Los Angeles to forgo a stop-and-go commute and ride in an air-conditioned train.

Four downtown-bound Metrolink trains make daily stops in Industry. The ride from there to Union Station takes about 34 minutes, compared to roughly an hour by car during peak traffic.

Service along Metrolink's Riverside line, which stops in the Riverside suburb of Pedley, east Ontario and Industry, began last week. Metrolink is running three morning trains and one afternoon train out of Riverside and four afternoon and evening trains out of Union Station. Rides are free until the end of the month. Riders will have to pay beginning July 1.

A round-trip pass for the ride from Industry to Union Station will cost $6, and $112 ($5.60 a day) for a monthly pass. The price includes the cost of bus and rail connections available from all Metrolink stations.

Each Metrolink passenger car seats 148 and has air conditioning and heating, restrooms, several work tables, and space for two bicycles. Also, pay cellular phones are planned.

The Industry station at 600 S. Brea Canyon Road has parking for more than 500 cars and is served by Foothill Transit buses.

The City of Industry spent $2.4 million to construct its Metrolink station with the hope that many employees who drive to work in Industry from Riverside and other Inland Empire communities will commute by train.

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