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Education Board's Annexation Vote

June 24, 1993

As the co-chairs of the Crescenta Canada Committee and as someone who was in attendance Thursday, June 10, 1993, when the Administration Committee for the State Board of Education decided to recommend in favor of the Glendale Unified School District's appeal against the annexation of territory to La Canada Unified School District, we want to pass on some firsthand information.

We had not anticipated a decision in our favor. At the hearings conducted by the Los Angeles County Committee on School District Organization, we were told that the impact on our community had no influence on their decision with regard to the annexation.

We believe that the county committee and their staff are biased. At the State Board of Education level, their staffer delivered a regurgitation of the slanted staff report of the county committee.

Surprisingly, at the state board hearing, committee members made statements like:

"There's more to this than we're being told."

"We don't usually overturn a county committee's decision, but we can't let this one stand."

"We didn't know that there was any community opposition to this transfer until today."

"Reorganization of a school district is a serious matter and there is no compelling reason for the transfer."

We were elated at their decision to approve Glendale's appeal.

The work of the Crescenta Canada Committee is not done. It is time to heal our community.

We extend an open invitation to the city of La Canada and La Canada Unified School District to aid them in disseminating information to the children via the Glendale Unified School District.




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