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INTERIORS : Whip Up a Little Extra Space in Kitchen for Cooking, Living

June 26, 1993|From Associated Press

If you would like to squeeze a little more living and working space out of your kitchen, here are some ideas that may work:

* Let your table do double duty as an island work surface and as a spot for eating.

* A monochromatic color scheme makes a kitchen look bigger.

* Keep the color palette light (pastels, ecru and white) and limited (two or three tones). The space-expanding effect is enhanced if the cabinets, counters and walls are all the same color.

* Direct the eye upward with vertical lines in the cabinets and wall treatments, or create interest on top of the cabinets. Vaulted ceilings also pull the eye upward.

* Eliminate clutter from countertops, walls and floors. Select simple patterns for surface materials.

* Use elements that make the most of space: window treatments that don't extend beyond the window frame, recessed lighting fixtures and appliances that align flush with cabinets.

* Create an illusion of space with open shelves instead of upper cabinets or use glass-front doors. Be careful not to clutter these shelves.

* Replace an interior wall with a peninsula and overhead cabinets. The peninsula adds storage and counter space, plus it opens up the room.

* Annex nearby space gone to waste. A pantry can fit inside a cleaning closet. An appliance niche can bump out into an attached garage.

* Reflective surfaces, such as metal and mirrors, make a space seem larger.

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