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How Much Playoff Expansion Is Needed?

June 26, 1993

Why be satisfied with adding just a few more teams to the baseball playoffs? I have a plan that will put every major league team into the postseason. Rather than a wimpy best-of-five or best-of-seven, I propose a 162-game elimination tournament with the best team from each league meeting in a final playoff, which we'll call the World Series.

Of course, this would eliminate the need for league divisional championships or for that matter a "season" as such, but I feel this is a small price to pay to guarantee 100% participation in the playoffs.




Baseball purists will lament the corruptive influence of an additional playoff round, but some revenue-producing scheme to fund outrageous player contracts was predictable. The only reasonable wish we purists can be granted is to be pushing up daisies long before the inevitable AT&T Dodgers meet the Nabisco Yankees in a hopefully distant World Series.


Santa Monica

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