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Controversial Call for Immigration Moratorium

June 27, 1993

* The Orange County Grand Jury's call for a three-year "ban" on immigration (Grand Jury Calls for Immigration Moratorium" June 17) is a real life example of how socialism degenerates into totalitarianism.

Now that we hand out money to everybody who shows up to ask for it, and more keep arriving to collect the largess, some people's shortsighted conclusion is to build walls to stop the traffic "before the problem bankrupts our nation."

Maybe this brain-dead grand jury can explain why giving our money to illegals will "bankrupt our nation" while giving it to legals has no effect whatsoever.

We need to redirect our anger. It's not the immigrants who are causing our outrageous welfare expenditures, it's our own government.

It is our own government who robs us, the private sector, to feed the welfare-ocracy and whatever "clients" they can dream up.

It is our own government that threatens to "bankrupt our nation."

Those who are genuinely concerned about the "costs" of "immigrants," should write their congressman. Demand an end to the thievery of us wage earners by abolishing the welfare-ocracy altogether. Let us keep our money. And let all immigrants earn their own way, whether they come from Taiwan or Nebraska.

That's what most of them already want, anyway.

We have nothing to fear from the immigrants; we have everything to fear from a totalitarian state.


Costa Mesa

* Let me make it quite clear at the outset. I am a first-generation immigrant. Thirty years ago, before I could enter the United States, I had to: produce a medical clearance certificate, produce a certificate of clearance from the police in the area in which I lived, demonstrate a working knowledge of the English language, produce a letter from a U.S. employer guaranteeing me employment, demonstrate adequate funds to sustain me initially and produce a letter from a third-party sponsor guaranteeing to cover my return expenses in the event my job fell through.

I had to swear that I had never engaged in crimes of "moral turpitude" (whatever that is), and my wife had to swear that she had never engaged in an act of prostitution.

Now it seems that the rules have changed, and even what rules there are, are ignored. What people are worried about is not immigration per se. It is uncontrolled immigration that is the problem.


Laguna Niguel

* Re: Grand Jury Moratorium on Immigration: A resounding yes!

Curbature of the flood of illegal immigrants into the U.S. is long, long overdue. American citizenship has got to be the prerequisite for access into our humane social service system.

The thousands and thousands of immigrants pouring into America see how simply these services are attained and abandon efforts to improve systems in their homelands. This is a lose-lose situation.

As a world leader, the United States must exhibit our authority over our own borders.

It's time to shout, ENOUGH!


Garden Grove

* Thank God somebody finally got it right. Our U.S. Immigration Department is a joke. I don't want to hear of another immigrant coming here for "a better life." Sure, it is a better life because, idiots that we are, everybody comes here from every country in the world and we put them on welfare, give them food stamps, send their kids to school and give them unlimited medical care.

And to pay for this, us fabulously rich Americans get to pay more income tax. I am tired of supporting and caring for every indigent that finds his way to our shores. I would gladly pay to send them all home.

I am also tired of hearing all the bleeding hearts that say all of these undocumented aliens don't cost us anything.


Mission Viejo

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