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A 'Wonder'-less Series

June 27, 1993

Because of my schedule I haven't been able to watch "The Wonder Years" (ABC) for the past few seasons, but I taped and watched the final episode, which left me cold. The writers had turned quiet, wide-eyed Kevin into a disrespectful, foul-mouthed brat, who had taken to gambling. It's no "wonder" that the series' ratings had fallen and the show was canceled.

Steven Mittman, Seal Beach

Soaps Provide Great Escape

This is in reply to Mr. Reality, Luke Skyler Beller of Long Beach (Talk Back, June 6). Good thing there are so many of us "brainless soap viewers" or the TV stations couldn't afford to show "reality" as often as they do. I don't mind an interruption when it's newsworthy (as the Waco story was) but a car chase that goes on for two hours is annoying. The stations love to milk every "special news report" for all they can get out of it.

I've lived a long time (64 years) and seen a lot of "reality," and if I like to escape into some sappy drama that doesn't mean I'm any less intelligent than Mr. Beller or that my life is any more boring than his.

I'd rather watch a soap than a sappy football game. I like game shows too. What does that make me?

Bea Hall, Santa Monica

Bridge to CBS Closed

I am cutting CBS out of my life entirely. No more "60 Minutes"--nothing! And all because the network has behaved in so stupid a fashion over "Brooklyn Bridge"--a very splendid show with many more viewers than CBS knew.

Louise Curley, Carlsbad

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