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HOT TOPICS / Saturday Night Lively


July 01, 1993

It is the night of nights. What are you going to do: watch TV, meet friends, paint the town? High Life asks, "What do you do on a typical Saturday night?"

"I venture down to see a movie, then party while watching 'Saturday Night Live.' "

Stephanie Tenfall, 14, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"Either homework or go out with a school club."

Margaret Keig, 16, senior, Troy

"Not much. Watch TV, play Nintendo, do stuff around the house."

Ira Pulverman, 16, senior, Savanna

"Go to movies and then watch 'Saturday Night Live.' "

Ian Shifrin, 14, freshman, Dana Hills

"Study or work at Baskin-Robbins."

Catherine Oelschig, 16, senior, Troy

"Go to dinner with my friends and then go to a party."

Chelsea Hoffman, 16, senior, Fullerton Union

"I usually make last-minute plans with my friends. We usually wind up at Balboa. The people there are very interesting. Sometimes I go to Huntington. Of course, no matter what my plans are, I always watch 'Saturday Night Live.' "

Jennifer Nareshni, 16, junior, Los Alamitos

"Spend time with my youth group and friends."

Leeor Alpern, 16, senior, Troy

"I go streaking down Los Alamitos Boulevard. Then I go home and watch 'Ren and Stimpy' or 'Saturday Night Live.' "

Sierra Pierce, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"Play Genesis and watch television."

David Selski, 16, junior, Laguna Hills

"Watch 'Saved by the Bell' reruns."

Jason Bemis, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"I curl up with a good book."

Kira Lewis, 17, senior, Fullerton Union

"Go out and shoot hoops or play pool with my friends."

Khoa Nguyen, 17, senior, Fullerton Union

"I sit in front of my TV and watch 'Eight Is Enough' reruns. I'm fond of Dick Van Patten."

Jeff Rice, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

"Interact with senior citizens."

Faith Friedman, 16, junior, Loara

"Go out with friends to dinner and the movies."

Jennifer Fleming, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

"Go to movies with my friends."

Stacy Friedowitz, 15, junior, Canyon

"Go miniature golfing and go out with friends."

Jon Levenson, 16, junior, El Toro

"Baby-sit or go to the movies with my friends."

Stacy Friedowitz, 15, junior, Canyon

"Talk on the phone and simulate a date."

Samara Kaufman, 14, sophomore, Laguna Hills

"I go have some fun with my friends."

Jason Duff, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"Go to youth group events."

David Ross, 16, junior, Troy

"I don't have a typical Saturday night."

Michelle Anderson, 17, senior, Fullerton Union

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Responses were gathered by Brian Singer of Fullerton Union High School.

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