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A summary of selected City Hall actions affecting Central Los Angeles in the past week. : CITY COUNCIL

July 04, 1993|LEE HARRIS

* GANG ABATEMENT: Councilman Richard Alatorre asked the council to consider spending $15,000 to pay for a 90-day special enforcement effort by the Police Department to reduce the drug- and gang-related activities at the Wyvernwood Garden Apartments in Boyle Heights. The money would pay for overtime accrued by the officers.

* HISTORIC MONUMENT: Approved placing the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Building on the list of the city's historical-cultural monuments. The Spanish Colonial Revival-style building at 4261 S. Central Ave. was designed by architect James Homer Garatt and constructed in 1928.

* RIOT-RECOVERY FUNDS: Approved a $500,000 contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District to provide job training to 45 South-Central Los Angeles residents. The program will also provide the participants with 400 hours of employment at a public agency at $6.75 an hour. The money is part of a federal grant given to the city after last year's riots.


How South-Central and Eastside representatives voted on selected issues.

* GRAFFITI: Approved an ordinance that imposes a fine of up to $1,000 on anyone convicted of committing an act of graffiti or graffiti-related vandalism. All of the money collected from the penalties will be used to fund the graffiti reward program or other graffiti-abatement projects. Passed: 13-0. Voting yes: Alatorre, Joan Milke Flores, Mike Hernandez, Nate Holden, Mark Ridley-Thomas and Rita Walters.

* MENACING DOGS: Gave preliminary approval to an amendment to the Municipal Code that would prohibit dog owners from allowing their dogs to assault, threaten or menace any human being or other animal. The Animal Regulation Department opposed the proposal, arguing that the city already has sufficient laws to prevent such activity. Passed: 13-0. Voting yes: Alatorre, Flores, Hernandez, Holden, Ridley-Thomas and Walters.

* BRADLEY TOWER: Approved a proposal by Holden to name the reception room in the City Hall Tower the Mayor Tom Bradley Room in honor of Bradley's longtime service to the city. Passed: 13-0. Voting yes: Alatorre, Flores, Hernandez, Holden, Ridley-Thomas and Walters.

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