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Sweeping Violence

July 04, 1993

Having read Tom Shales' commentary (TV Times, June 6) on the May sweeps, I offer two possible explanations of his assessment (re most-viewed movie) of "viewers not buying" violence: 1) He has not seen "Fried Green Tomatoes" and 2) He has seen so many ultra-violent shockers that lower levels of violence fail to register in his consciousness.

Wait! Here's another. 3) The humorous disguise worked.

Sharon Vignol, Bakersfield

Tonys Deserve Better

I was very disappointed in CBS' recent broadcast of the Tony Awards (June 6). Due to strict time constraints, recipients and presenters were forced to rush through a moment they had worked toward all their lives.

The Tony Awards is the one evening a year when the rest of the world can experience the splendors of Broadway theater.

If CBS cannot commit the appropriate time to the broadcast, then it should relinquish the honor to another network.

Melissa Malone, Burbank

McArthur's 'Corner' Series

Please tell Karen Reynolds of Claremont (Talk Back, June 13) that Alex McArthur was in a weekly TV series.

It was a brilliantly done intrigue-mystery series called "The Fifth Corner" (on NBC). James Colburn was also a regular. The show had elements of comedy, danger, mystery and romance, all done with class and style.

Of course, NBC canceled it after four or five episodes, left our hero (McArthur) with a gun to his head and none of the series' big questions answered.

Brenda Tieszen, Pomona

Repeats of Delight

What a pleasure it was to open the May 30 issue of TV Times and find added synopses--especially those of "MASH," "All in the Family" and Nick at Nite's reruns. I have also long enjoyed Reruns to Rewatch column (Retro). I and all other lovers of TV's great eras thank you.

Laura Snider, La Crescenta

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