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Teacher's Devotion

July 04, 1993

* Thank you for the wonderful article on 12-year-old Esmeralda Pena ("Diploma Honors Girl's Recovery, Teacher's Faith," June 25). I cried as I got more and more inspired by her and her teacher's determination.

Continue to place positive articles on the front page. This is critical!


Los Angeles

* My heartfelt applause goes to Jose Roberto Vasquez, the 66th Street Elementary School teacher who visited his injured student, Esmeralda Pena, twice daily in the hospital while she lay in a coma. We can't know how much this caring man might have helped the young girl.

In addition, more applause to The Times for giving us an account of hope and love among the ubiquitous stories of shootings and violence.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Jose Roberto Vasquez.



* What a heartwarming story about a teacher's devotion to a student! Thank you for placing the story on the front page.

We need more good news about such special people as Vasquez, the miracle recovery of Esmeralda and the marvelous reactions of her classmates, whose hearts were so touched.

A sixth-grade graduation that will never be forgotten by anyone present, readers included.


Rancho Mirage

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