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Hawaiian Ayes

July 04, 1993

Thank you for the article "Main Street, Hawaiian Style" (June 6). On the first of several trips to the islands, we flew directly to Hilo from San Francisco and as a result, spent our first night in Hawaii in that quiet, lovely town. After dark, we couldn't believe that there were no bright lights and that the streets were deserted; not even a place to eat except at the hotels. However, the next morning we had bangers and eggs at one of the drugstore counters with the locals, and it was delicious.

On Oahu, we fled crowded Waikiki for the peaceful and quiet villages of the North Shore. We had our first bowl of saimin at a small restaurant at the public golf course. It was 1970, and my wife and I played a round of golf on each of the four major islands at the public courses for a grand total of $24.50.


Sun City


Recently, my family and I returned from a wonderful vacation on the island of Kauai. I want to assure all vacationers that many resorts, hotels, restaurants and golf courses are open. And there are many bargains on the island. My husband played golf at the Princeville Makai course that is usually $100--they now offer weekday specials for $30.

A few tourist locations are still closed and often you have to deal with construction vehicles, but Kauai is still a great vacation destination.


Alta Loma

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