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High Life : A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Yesterday's Fun Makes Fond Memories Today

July 08, 1993|Responses were gathered by Trisha Ginsburg

Although high school may sometimes seem interminable, all too quickly it will fade to a jumble of memories. Before this summer's activities eclipse all thoughts of the '92-93 year, High Life asks, "What is your best memory of this past school year?"

"Beating the No. 1-ranked soccer team, Santiago." Trevor Powell, 18, senior, Pacifica

"The soccer season. We didn't do too well, but the coach made our team get it together, and we just went out and had fun instead of making it just work." Mark Pearce, 18, senior, Fullerton

"Probably doing the musical 'Once Upon a Mattress' because it was with a great group of people and we all totally bonded." Sara Jastroch, 17, junior, Sunny Hills

"My sister going to prom, because I never thought she would go." Becky Schmidt, 15, freshman, Los Alamitos

"When my California Scholarship Federation group took a trip to UC San Diego and all of my friends took a tour and had a really great time." Julie Glick, 17, junior, El Toro

"Driving home from an Angels game with Mike Barnhill and listening to R.E.M. during the long drive home." Daniel Moskowitz, 16, junior, Los Alamitos

"I'd say the friendships I've made, because I made a lot of new friends, and it's been the best experience getting really close to them." Sharon Bernstein, 18, senior, Troy

"Getting straight A's last semester." Mike Sarkin, 16, sophomore, University

"Making new friends, because I come from far away to be in the Orange County High School of the Arts, and meeting new people is important." Tasha Ames, 15, freshman, Los Alamitos

"My best memory was being initiated into the Chamber Singers, a choir at our school where a lot of people tried out and I was one of the ones who got accepted. I had a lot of fun with my friends." Shawna Adams, 15, sophomore, El Modena

"When I dropped Dyeanna Bermudez during an Orange County High School of the Arts show. It was in front of a lot of people!" Victor Lomeli, 16, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"The play I did. 'Brigadoon' was really fun. I remember at the end of each night's performance, the guys would say 'Heeeeeeey!' in the dressing room." Jessica Merrell, 16, sophomore, Fullerton

"I was on the junior varsity baseball team this year, and we won league championships. Also, I'm seeing a really great girl who has made me very happy." Mike Hallowell, 16, junior, Fullerton

"Being a part of the German American Partnership program at my school. It has been a fabulous experience and one that I would highly recommend. I've had so much fun." Blair E. McCracken, 16, junior, Los Alamitos

"Going to prom. My friends were there, and it was a really cool night." Bethany Martyn, 14, freshman, Fullerton

"Just meeting a lot of really neat people and talking to people I've never talked to before." Nicole Greene, 15, sophomore, Sonora

"Being selected to represent Orange County at the Freedoms Foundation conference at Valley Forge, Penn. It helped put my life in perspective." Kevin Zwick, 17, junior, Pacifica

"Being on the basketball team. I was with so many people; I just really liked it because we all had basketball in common." Paige Dobkin, 15, sophomore, Sonora

"Playing sports is what I'll remember most. Basketball will be the most memorable.$ Rebecca Meisenbach, 16, sophomore, El Modena

"I don't have any good memories of this past year; I'm just looking forward to next year." Elisa Gornbein, 15, sophomore, Brea Olinda

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