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Tom Bradley

July 09, 1993

The completion of Tom Bradley's terms as Los Angeles mayor brought back tome a memory of what may have been his initial interest in public service.

Some three decades ago as attorney general I selected Tom Bradley, then a peace officer, and Dick Bancroft, then an Alameda County prosecutor and later a judge, to make a tour with me of regional meetings of law enforcement officers. The purpose was to have these two persons who were ethnic minorities, but devoted to law enforcement careers, explain to the state's peace officers the meaning of the civil rights movement.

Bradley and Bancroft thus served a splendid educational purpose among the state's peace officers. I have always suspected this experience may have contributed to Bradley's interest in finishing law school and entering politics.


California Supreme Court, San Francisco

* Just over a year ago, Johnny Carson left the "Tonight Show." Recently, Conrad retired from The Times. And now Mayor Bradley is gone. All are special; I took it for granted that they would be around forever. Suddenly, I am feeling abandoned.


Culver City

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