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SATURDAY LETTERS : And Another Thing About 'Hero' . . .

July 10, 1993

It is too bad that "Last Action Hero" is not performing as well as hoped, because it is a great action movie. I am a fan of the genre, but I find that the vast majority of action films are not very good and that even many of the better ones have serious flaws. In contrast, "Last Action Hero" is very funny, exciting and actually has a few comments to make about movies in general and action movies in particular.

As to why it is not the blockbuster that many had projected (" 'Last Action': Too Many Heroes?," June 30), the reason is clear--the unbelievably vicious attacks by the press. It's hard to remember a recent major film that has been the subject of such unremitting negative attacks for such a prolonged period of time, culminating in almost unanimously negative reviews. While I can understand that not everyone has the same taste in movies, by no stretch of the imagination is "Last Action Hero" deserving of the opprobrium of virtually every major critic.


Los Angeles

* Who should be held accountable for the poor reception "Last Action Hero" has received? Certainly not the publicity department at Columbia. They've hyped the movie so much that they bought ad space on a rocket!

Blame, if you can call it that, must ultimately be placed on the writers and producers. Unoriginality and lack of attention to detail seem to be the major problems. And a major story line that would give the film a feeling of emotional closure was completely ignored. So much is made of Jack Slater's grief at having lost his young son. Yet, if the man who killed Slater's son is brought back from the "dead," why didn't Slater bring his son back?

All those writers and producers--didn't any of them realize that they left the character of Death walking around New York?


Los Angeles

Ice Cube's 'Good Day'

Robert Hilburn refers to Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day" as a "wistful tune" ("Rappers Rule," July 2). Here are some "wistful" and sensitive lyrics from the song that Hilburn neglected to quote:

I didn't even have to use my AK.

Today, it was a good day.

Here's another "wistful" line with a romantic edge to it--Ice Cube tenderly woos a girl he's been trying to "make since the 12th grade":

My jimmy runs deep.

So deep, it put her butt to sleep.

In another "revealing and affecting" line, Ice Cube talks about driving "drunk as hell." But it is a good day because the police don't hassle him about it. These lyrics are supposed to be a "breakthrough" for rap?



'Jurassic' Fans Bite Back

As soon as the billboards cropped up, I began to think about taking my children, ages 7 and 10, to see the film "Jurassic Park." I decided to do so but spend time preparing. We looked up the key concepts in the encyclopedia: how DNA might become trapped in amber, the differences between species of dinosaurs and the difference in paleontology between scientific research and mere guesswork.

I had recently reread "Jurassic Park," so we discussed the plot, the characters, the clever story line of an amusement park gone haywire.

Then on the morning of the "sneak preview," The Times wrote that there were two instances of on-camera catastrophic violence about which to be wary. So my children and I talked about props and blood capsules and camera angles and the element of surprise in movies.

We got our tickets for the 10 p.m. sneak preview, bought popcorn and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Everybody went to bed about 12:30 a.m., lights out as usual, and no reptilian monsters dotted our dreams.


Los Angeles

* I'm 12 years old and have just been to see "Jurassic Park," and both my 7-year-old brother, Jesse, and I agree it is not as scary as the newspapers, like yours, and the news shows say. So please stop making such a big deal about it. Let people judge for themselves.


Huntington Beach

Hillary and 'Evita'

Re Jan Breslauer's "Shades of Hillary Clinton Color Return of 'Evita' " (June 24): I'm sorry--what is the connection between Eva Peron and Hillary Clinton?

What is the connection between a film actress who slept her way to the top and a woman who earned a law degree and worked her way up the ladder to partnership?

What is the connection between the de facto leader of a fascist dictatorship and a woman married to the elected President of a republic/democracy?

Can't you hire theater critics who can write intelligently about theater , about intent versus execution, about the quality of acting, directing and writing?



Theater Manners

In reference to Deborah Bryan Loosen's July 3 Saturday letter ("Why the Movie Audience Is Shrinking") complaining about the lack of movies to which parents can take their 7-year-olds:

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