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San Gabriel : Mayor's Term Lengthened

July 11, 1993

The terms for mayor and vice mayor will increase from nine months and two weeks to one year beginning next April under a resolution adopted by the City Council in a 4-1 vote Tuesday.

Councilman Dominic S. Polimeni had urged the change June 15, the end of his term as mayor. He said the period of service was too short. "You just get to know the ropes when it's over."

James Castaneda, who became mayor June 15, voted against the change, saying it was "unfair and uncalled-for." He will serve the shorter term.

He said he had been on the verge of a two-year stint as mayor in 1990 when the council cut the term to nine months and two weeks. The shorter term was adopted, he said, to allow all five council members to serve as mayor during a four-year period.

"The only problem that remains consistent is that I get a shorter amount of time," Castaneda said.

Sabino M. Cici was chosen as vice mayor at the June 15 meeting.

In another matter, the council unanimously extended for 10 months and 15 days an ordinance to protect historic buildings in the city from demolition while a permanent ordinance is drafted. The measure goes into effect immediately.

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