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The President and Prime Time

July 11, 1993

ABC's and CBS' decision to not air President Clinton's June 17 prime-time White House press conference is a good example of why the networks are struggling.

That all three of the major networks rushed to air the Amy Fisher story and other tawdry "news events" in favor of more substantive programming would seem to indicate that the decision makers in these organizations are out of sync with what the viewing public really wants.

I'm not one of Clinton's greatest fans, but's let give the guy a break. Shame on ABC and CBS.

Frank B. Draper, Long Beach

Lost on 'Angels'

The production of "Angels in America: Millennium Approaches" is getting a lot of attention these days (Cover, TV Times, June 6). "Angels" has received praise and awards (first the Pulitzer Prize and now the Tony Award), which will, I'm sure, lead people to believe that this is a wonderful show.

As a Mormon who endured seven hours of this production at the Mark Taper Forum, I can only say it's anything but wonderful. I was sickened as the actors gleefully mocked the Joseph Smith story, and dismayed that Mormons were portrayed as people worthy of contempt.

Rosemary White, Lancaster

McCartney's Finale Cut Short

Fox did a good job of spoiling the climactic end to the "Paul McCartney Live in the New World" broadcast (Fox, June 15). Halfway through the performance of "Hey Jude," the concert was rudely terminated with an abrupt cut to a commercial. Not even a single "Na na na na" refrain was heard. How rude!

Ross Hironaka, Ventura

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