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The Party Line

July 11, 1993|the Social Climes Staff

News from the nightclubs: Dragstrip 66, the monthly Silver Lake club that received visits from the LAPD and the fire marshal at its June event, will continue. Speculation to the contrary is unfounded, say promoters Paul V. and Mr. Dan. They say they are committed to Dragstrip, which happens on the second Saturday of every month at Rudolpho's restaurant.

Meanwhile, ChiChi Palace--complete with a wrestling floor show--had its debut and its swan song all in one night over the Fourth of July weekend. Promoter Jac Zinder says that, because of low turnout, ChiChi Palace will not be staged again, but he plans to continue with his other club, Fuzzyland, on a monthly basis.

As for that club with the four letter name, it was thought to have been closed since May while its promoters regrouped. It almost resurfaced at the Continental Club in Hollywood a few weeks ago, but plans were canceled later.

But now comes word that a new incarnation of the club made a tentative comeback over the holiday weekend at a new location. The venue and the date were a tightly kept secret--unadvertised, unlisted and not even mentioned on the club's hot line telephone number. If you want to know where it is--or even when it is--you'll have to keep your ear to the ground.

Crash Courses in Angeleno

"Remember when you dreaded going to summer school? That's all changed now," promises the new catalogue from the Learning Annex.

Among the usual seminars that promise to teach you to become an independent filmmaker or to marry rich, there are a few uniquely L.A. courses being offered this season.

You'd think this city would be in caffeine overdrive by now, but for those lured by the profit potential of a $3 cup of cappuccino, there's a class called "How to Open a Coffeehouse."

Then there's "Power Schmoozing," which promises "learn fundamental interpersonal skills, including how to get out of unproductive conversations." (No, it's not taught by an agent.)

And if making money by teaching these sorts of skills is your idea of a good time, the Learning Annex has a class just for you: "How to Develop, Promote, Market, and Sell Any Seminar or Workshop."

Every Penny Counts

For those worried about the federal government's economic crisis, there is some good news from Washington. A group called The Fund to End the Deficit held a fund-raiser called "Dance Away the Debt" on June 23 and raised $232 to apply to the $309.7-billion projected deficit for '93.

Future events will include "Wine Down the Debt," a chance to reduce the red ink by drinking red wine, and "Eat Away the Debt," a day when participating restaurants will donate a dollar from every check.

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