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Ban on Federal Funds for Abortions

July 13, 1993

* Thank you, Congress, for voting to continue the 17-year-old ban on federal funding for abortions (July 1). In poll after poll the American people do not want to pay for abortions with their taxes.

Congress, please also keep abortion funding out of any health care packages and especially vote against the so-called Freedom of Choice Act (the baby has no choice). This act would make abortion on demand for all nine months for any reason the rule in every state and would erase any laws a state has passed since Roe vs. Wade.

In California, all hospitals would have to begin offering abortions. FOCA does not require parental consent (as some legislators have written their constituents), as any adult could fulfill the role of responsible adult, even someone at an abortion clinic!

Special thanks to the Orange County congressmen for voting 100% for the right to life for the unborn child.


Fountain Valley

* I have a few questions regarding the congressional decision to uphold the ban on federal funding of abortions for poor women.

1. If opposition to abortion is based upon the belief that it is "murder," then why will funding be available for victims of rape and incest? Are those fetuses not entitled to the same rights as any other fetus? They committed no crime. The crime was committed by the rapist or the incestuous act.

2. If Congress is so concerned about forcing the "millions of taxpayers who oppose abortion" to pay for such services, then how about some concern for the overwhelming majority of taxpayers who do favor a woman's right to choose? Congressional voting on this issue clearly does not reflect the will of the people.

When cities and counties are forced to cut needed services, it makes sense to look at the mathematics involved in this type of legislation. An extensive cost-effectiveness study revealed that for every $1 spent on preventing unwanted births, $12 was spent to provide for each child of welfare parents, and that ratio did not even include the cost of providing health care and education for those children. It's the economy, stupid.


Huntington Beach

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