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FULLERTON : Library Patrons in for Some Warm Days

July 14, 1993|WILLSON CUMMER

Air conditioning at the main Public Library will be turned off until at least Monday as workers repair a leaky system that was cited by the Air Quality Management District, according to city officials.

A routine inspection earlier this month found Freon leaks from gaskets and seals, said Robert Savage, the city's director of maintenance services. He said the leaks, from the basement equipment, do not appear to have caused any danger to people. However, Freon gas does damage the ozone layer, he said.

The AQMD gave the library the option of paying a $25,000 fine daily or repairing the air-conditioning system, Al Milo, library director, said.

Fewer lights are being used, and fans have been set up in the doorway, but on a recent evening at 7, the library was hotter than the air outside.

Milo said it has reached 86 degrees in his second-floor office, even though his window is open.

"That's the highest my thermometer goes up to," he said.

The situation has caused some confusion among patrons.

"People are asking whether we are paying our utility bills," Milo said.

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