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Looking for Recovery of Beloved 'Lost in O.C.'

July 15, 1993

Though I live and work in Los Angeles, I'm a big fan of Lost in O.C.

I came across the column sometime last year while out in Orange County. Thumbing through OC Live!, I landed on this incredible, funny, witty column about Fashion Island and memories of a young Jim Washburn's important night out to see his idol Jimi Hendrix.

I can relate. I was there too, and reading this article brought back so many great memories.

Since then, I've been making the effort during my one-hour lunch to drive to the L.A. Times building downtown, which is approximately six miles from my job, drop a quarter in for 12 minutes' time on the parking meter, and zoom over to pick up my Thursday paper (the Orange County edition). It's worth it.

Lost in O.C. is such a fun and quirky column to read. I was so disappointed to learn that my favorite column will only run the fourth week of every month. That's not enough! How am I going to keep up with the ants, barbecue recipes, swap meet bargains? And how is this guy going to pay for his new Saturn?

Mr. Washburn is a great writer--his style, his mix, his wit. I hope this column runs more than once a month, otherwise I and many others will be lost.

This letter is to let you know how much I and some of my friends enjoy Lost in O.C. and hope it will be recovered.


Los Angeles

I have wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed Jim Washburn's writing and that I have missed him the past few weeks. Jim is clever, witty, insightful, an awfully good observer of human behavior, and a fine storyteller. I have enjoyed his contributions to the View section as well.



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