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'Natural Beauty: Total Beauty Care, Using Natural Ingredients'

July 16, 1993|MARIA D. LASO

Author: Lorna Horrocks

Info: Angus & Robertson, an imprint of HarperCollins, 1992. $16 paperback. 152 pages includes a comprehensive index.

Horrocks combines modern knowledge and traditional elements to present a complete beauty care plan. The book--with lovely, mostly black-and-white illustrations--is part recipes, part ancient wisdom, part quotes on related subjects.

Herbal tea recipes are supposed to relieve stress, and other stress reducers are suggested. Additional body recipes include those for shampoos, bath soaks and toners, geared for different hair and skin types. Exercise suggestions are illustrated with little stick women; nutrition is given short shrift, but whole books are available on that subject. Herbs for cosmetic and therapeutic use are discussed in a convenient chart and glossary.

In some cases, using natural recipes can save money over store-bought versions. In other cases it might be a matter of personal choice, because you know your own concoctions have not been processed or tested on animals, for example. Another idea is to make the recipes to give as gifts in pretty bottles and jars.

This disclaimer at the front of the book should be noted: "Some herbs are dangerous, and the author and the publisher accept no responsibility for any mishaps arising from use of herbs mentioned herein." So use your head.


This book is available at Barnes & Noble, Costa Mesa, and other area bookstores.

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