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Jays' Gaston Manages to Rile Up Everyone at the All-Star Game

July 17, 1993

Cito Gaston's actions at the All-Star game were deplorable. Naming four of his players to the team when three were already voted in was questionable. Then he added Paul Molitor to the starting lineup as designated hitter and made Blue Jays four of the first five in the batting order.

But his biggest mistake was not letting hometown Oriole Mike Mussina pitch in the ninth inning. With 45,000 fans booing, any manager would have given Mussina the nod, if only for the last out. Cito claims that he wanted to save Mussina for extra innings. With the score 9-3, did he expect the biggest comeback in All-Star history?

Take a seat, Cito. I hope you lose the American League East on the last day of the season, with Mike Mussina on the mound.


North Hollywood


Cito Gaston should be given a copy of "Who's Who in Baseball."


Fountain Valley


I was enjoying the All-Star game until John Kruk struck out against Randy Johnson. Then I turned off the TV in disgust. A fan-selected All-Star strikes out for fear of the opposing pitcher and both sides crack up as though this were happening at a company picnic. My Tuesday night slow-pitch league is more competitive. What's going on with baseball?

I would have loved to hear what Don Drysdale would have said about this.




During Jim Healy's Tuesday broadcast, while the All-Star game was in progress, Jim stated that the most accurate and fair way to determine who plays in the game would be to have sportswriters and announcers do the voting.

Yeah, Jim, and Gino Torretta was the best college football player last season.


Woodland Hills

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