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A summary of significant City Hall decisions affecting Central Los Angeles : in the last week.

July 18, 1993|LEE HARRIS


* GANG ABATEMENT: Approved a proposal to start a gang abatement program against criminals operating in MacArthur Park in Westlake. The city attorney's office was asked to work with the Police Department and county Probation Department in developing a plan.

* HILLSIDE DEVELOPMENT: Denied an appeal by opponents of a proposed housing development in Monterey Hills, south of South Pasadena. Opponents are concerned that development of a proposed 24-lot, single-family housing development between Pueblo Avenue and South Pasadena could destroy wildlife, cause flooding and increase traffic. Officials said adequate environmental conditions were imposed on the project to prevent such problems.


* NEW RESTROOM FACILITIES: Awarded a $317,654 contract to Green Coast Construction Inc. of Beverly Hills to build two restroom facilities at Echo Park. The new structures will replace two that were demolished because they did not meet earthquake safety standards.


How South-Central and Eastside representatives voted on selected issues.

* TEEN-AGE DRIVERS: Approved a proposal to support an Assembly bill that would prohibit drivers younger than 21 who are stopped and found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.01% from driving a motor vehicle. Under the bill, violators' licenses would be suspended for a year and they would face a $100 fine. Passed: 14-0. Voting yes: Richard Alatorre, Mike Hernandez, Nate Holden, Mark Ridley-Thomas and Rita Walters.

* REBUILD L.A.: Approved a proposal to streamline the city bureaucratic process for property owners who want to rebuild structures destroyed during last year's riots. The proposal includes establishing a Rebuild Counter in City Hall Room 460, where information and assistance will be provided. Passed: 14-0. Voting yes: Hernandez, Holden, Ridley-Thomas and Walters. Absent: Alatorre.

* PUBLIC HOUSING PROGRAMS: Approved funding for the 1993-94 fiscal year to operate self-help programs at five city public housing developments, including Ramona Gardens and Nickerson Gardens. The $3.7 million to operate the programs is from the federal government. Topics of the programs include literacy skills, substance abuse, job training and advice on parenting. Passed: 15-0. Voting yes: Alatorre, Hernandez, Holden, Ridley-Thomas and Walters.

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