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High Schools' Best, Brightest

July 18, 1993

Thank you very much for including Loyola High School's valedictorian in City Times ("Class of '93," July 4 and 11). We here at Loyola are most appreciative of the efforts you have made this year to include us in your section.

I have enjoyed the articles and coverage in City Times. I want to congratulate you for highlighting so many of the positive things that occur here in the Mid-City and central parts of the city.


principal, Loyola High School

Balancing Coverage

I think your section of the Los Angeles Times has been outstanding--one of the best things to have been stimulated by our disastrous riots last year.

Our children grew up with no recognition in our "local" paper of any high school achievements by them or their peers. It is extremely important that you are balancing the negative media coverage of drive-by shootings and other gang events by your coverage of youngsters' excellence in scholarship, citizenship and sportsmanship.


Country Club Park

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