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EAST LOS ANGELES : Foundation to Train 40 for Employment

July 18, 1993|MARY ANNE PEREZ

There are about 40 openings for adults and youths in a 10-week job-training program of the Maravilla Foundation, which also runs a youth employment program and free social services.

Employers pay for the training and receive half of it back when a trainee completes the program and is hired for permanent work, said Mary Loya, assistant director of the foundation and manager of the jobs programs.

Clients receive assistance with bus passes and money for clothing to help them start their jobs. Counselors call the trainees weekly to ensure they are working out with the company and follow up for six months after training.

The jobs pay $5 to $11 an hour, depending on the skill levels; youth jobs pay the minimum $4.25 an hour. Youths with computer or other skills can make up to $7 an hour, Loya said.

Adult jobs range from office work to driving forklifts to warehouse jobs. Some clients receive training in alcoholism counseling.

"You name it, whatever job is available and the employer wants, we tailor the training," Loya said.

The program is geared toward those with limited English skills who are on welfare or receive unemployment benefits. It is funded by private donations and money from the county, state and federal governments.

A separate five-week youth employment program runs throughout the year to coincide with schools' year-round schedules. Currently, 58 youths are working in the summer track in maintenance, child-care, clerical and other jobs, Loya said.

The jobs are for 14- to 21-year-olds who live in East Los Angeles and who are considered high risk, such as juvenile offenders, potential dropouts, pregnant teen-agers, and those who speak limited English.

Information: (213) 727-0656.

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