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Grind Puts Spotlight on Shadow Punk


Just when you thought you had the types of rock music down, when you could tell the difference between punk, heavy metal, rap, new wave and hip-hop, along comes shadow punk.


Shadow punk is the self-described brand of music played by Grind, which will perform in the opening concert of Claremont's Teen Concert Series, kicking off Tuesday.

"It has the intensity and attitude of punk," said Chris Stenmo, the group's lead singer and bass player. "We have a lot more in common with The Cure than with the Sex Pistols. It's basically sort of an attitude."

If you've never heard of shadow punk, it's possibly because it's unique to Grind.

"We're trying to start our own movement," Stenmo said. "I just feel like it's easier to build our own mountain, our own house, than to hook up with something that's already built."

Part of the idea is to distinguish the group from everyone else out there trying to make it. "We're causing a buzz. A lot of people are asking about it," Stenmo said. "Our music is very dark and it's moody, although it has a beat to dance to."

But the look is almost as important. "We have sort of a militant look, sort of like a black combat outfit. We have our own type of light atmosphere," with lights that create silhouettes, and "a fog machine to create a cold sort of dry-ice look."

The free concert at Cahuilla Park, North Indian Hill Boulevard and Scripps Drive, is from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Information: (909) 399-5496.

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