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Bed and Breakfast in South Pasadena Residential Area

July 18, 1993

I was distressed to learn that the South Pasadena Planning Commission has approved a bed and breakfast inn at Bissell House, 201 Orange Grove Blvd. in our neighborhood. My family and I have lived in Pasadena for fifteen years, four-tenths of a mile from this location.

The project sets a dangerous precedent. If the city allows this kind of development on Orange Grove, what will prevent additional requests and approvals for similar projects? The city cannot deny to others what it grants to one. There are several houses in the area that would be viable as inns, spas, restaurants . . . including my own! Where will they draw the line? How will they draw the line? They won't be able to.

Already compromised by the proposed 710 Freeway, we are a neighborhood fighting for its life. It is ironic that South Pasadena, the same city that has fought against the 710, can favor a proposal that will contribute to the decline of our neighborhood. The uncertain status of the freeway impacts us. The uneven commercial and residential nature of Fair Oaks impacts us. The last thing we need is a similar toehold on Orange Grove Boulevard.

What happens to areas tightly surrounded by commercial enterprise? They decay and die as residential neighborhoods. The death knell won't only be for those of us along Columbia Street, but for those who live on Oak Lawn, Prospect and Orange Grove as well.

Our neighborhood shouldn't be discounted just because it's "on the edge of town." Our neighborhood creates the first impression for visitors traveling to either South Pasadena or Pasadena along Orange Grove. It should be a neighborhood of which both cities can be proud.

I don't want to deny anyone's dream, but the dream of an inn in my neighborhood is a nightmare to me. My own dream is to live where commercial enterprise isn't knocking at my front door.



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