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'Years' End

July 18, 1993

This is a response in agreement with Steven Mittman of Seal Beach (Talk Back, June 27). The final episode of "The Wonder Years" (ABC) was so disgusting that I wondered if the writers were replaced or just stupid. After all the wonderful episodes, most of which I never missed, why would the final show be such a downer?

Ruth E. Ueki, Whittier

Bad Segue

This is in response to the ending of "Day One" (ABC, June 28), the segment on the New York Mets and the use of the quote, "It is not over till the fat lady sings," and then showing the late Kate Smith, one of the most beloved American entertainers.

This again points to the fact this society no longer has respect for anyone.

Mrs. Gardner Lyle, Culver City

Fox's Extra Effort

Once again Fox has stepped over the boundaries of prime-time programming by airing "Face the Hate," as opposed to the Big Three networks, who feature the problems of hate in our society in short-produced segments on their news-magazine programs. Congratulations.

Edwin Santos, Granada Hills

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