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Riordan's Appointments

July 18, 1993

I just read the article "Riordan Under Fire for Top Appointments" (July 8) and was alarmed by the "pressure politics" beginning so soon after Richard Riordan's election. The notion that we are to staff our city by meeting ethnic quotas obscures the basic goal of appointing the most qualified and talented people. I sincerely hope the newly elected mayor is able to withstand the influence of these ethnic activists.

The complex problems facing this city require the need for the talents of the best and brightest people available, be they African-Americans, Latinos, lesbians and gays, or men or women. If it so happens that qualified people come from these groups, then they should be selected to help govern the city. The most important consideration is the need for talent and hard workers. Quotas by themselves are discrimination in reverse and do not help anyone, especially the people that need the help the most.

If professional basketball and football teams hired players on quotas, you would never have a winning team.


Culver City


Only a week in office, and the mayor is under fire for his lack of appointments of minorities. As an American citizen, who happens to be a woman of Spanish origin, I wish minority groups would concentrate their efforts in supporting Riordan and try to help fix this mess. Citizens must have confidence that he is able to find the best and brightest people for the job (no matter what color, gender, etc.), without pressure from all kinds of self-interest groups. Let's unite as citizens working toward a common goal: to bring Los Angeles back to being a safe place to live and a good place to work and do business in.



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