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Faux Pas Report

Get the Hang of Keeping Trousers Creased or You'll Need an Iron Supplement


In an ideal world, everyone laughs at your jokes, your car never breaks down, and slacks maintain that sharp crease down the front and back. In the real world, you're only mildly funny, you say a little prayer before turning on the ignition, and slacks often take on a crease of their own.

The crease problem most people have occurs when they pull the trousers off a wire hanger. If they've been folded over the wire for any length of time, the wire creates a line just above the knee. (Fortunately, that usually isn't permanent unless you're using an old, rusty hanger.)

To avoid it, "you've got to use a wooden suit hanger or a clip-type hanger that allows you to suspend the pants from the cuffs," says Bill Snyder of Posh Gentlemen's Clothing in Fashion Island Newport Beach. "Make sure you transfer your slacks to a better hanger soon after bringing them home from the cleaners."

If you can't be bothered switching hangers, there is another solution. It involves a hot iron and an ironing board--a great way to start a Monday morning.


Running free: Women's athletic apparel has come a long way since the days of woolen underwear. Today a woman can exercise in form-fitting cotton or Lycra outfits that are cool and comfortable.

In a big advancement, the running bra developed over the past 10 years allows support for a jog or an aerobics class. The bras are so comfortable, some women are wearing just the bra and no top. Are they toying with indecent exposure?

"It really depends on the woman and the type of bra she's wearing," says Denise Frank of Some Body Aerobic Apparel in Laguna Hills. "There are 'racer bra' styles that look like some bathing suit tops, and these are perfectly acceptable worn alone. There are other styles that look like traditional bras, and these may not be as acceptable."

Scent of a shirt: There are men who are great dressers. They know exactly what tie goes with what jacket and how a pocket square is perfectly folded. But when you see one of these guys, take a look at his shirt collar. You may find a kink in his fashion armor--cologne spots on the collar.

"If you get cologne on your shirt, it should dissipate and not leave a mark unless you touch the wet spot with your fingers," says clothing buyer Bill Rigioni of Huntington Beach. "Don't make the mistake of putting your cologne on after you get dressed, especially if you use a spray. Put it on after you dry off from the shower."

If you do forget, just as you're about to run out the door, shield your collar with your hand and spray away.

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