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Who to Call to Give Away the Good Stuff

July 24, 1993

If you've made the decision to throw out the trash and find a new home for the "good stuff,' there are a number of organizations that will welcome your donations.

Helping someone in need while simplifying one's own life is an unbeatable combination.

Most public libraries take books and some magazines; high school shop classes take car parts and electronics, and scores of churches, shelters and other charities are glad to get workable household goods and clean, wearable garments.

A number of organizations offer pickup service in Orange County, and donations are usually tax-deductible. Here are some of the organizations that welcome donations of goods:

Goodwill Industries of Orange County, (714) 547-6301

Salvation Army, (714) 758-0333 or (714) 547-0831

St. Vincent de Paul Society, (714) 633-9190

Disabled American Veterans, (800) 637-4804

United Family Associates, (800) 547-7467.

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