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Readers Clean Up on Murray Columns

July 24, 1993

Regarding Jim Murray's column of July 15, when he stated that Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth never batted cleanup:

As a youngster growing up in the Bronx, I was a devout Yankee fan. One of the great thrills was the Yankee lineup.

Batting third: Tommy Henrich.

Batting fourth: Joe DiMaggio.

Batting fifth: Charlie Keller.

Was I dreaming or was Joe DiMaggio a ghost? I enjoy Jim Murray, but he maligned one of the all-time stars.




In his July 8 column, Jim Murray outdoes himself. In trying to build up Maury Wills, he criticizes Rickey Henderson, undoubtedly the greatest leadoff man of this era. Murray contends Henderson's 61 leadoff home runs should be held against him, because they're not, in Murray's opinion, the role of a leadoff man.

Let's look at some numbers. Coming into this season, Henderson has played 14 seasons, the same as Wills in his career. Henderson's numbers are higher in batting average, on-base average, bases on balls, runs scored, RBIs, home runs, and, of course, stolen bases.

I'm not saying that Wills isn't the greatest leadoff man ever, but to put Henderson down without giving him his due proves there is another "greatest"--Jim Murray, the greatest Los Angeles shill in sports history. (Sorry, Mr. Malamud, you came in a close second).


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