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A Recall Won't Cure Fullerton's Ills

July 25, 1993

* We were disappointed to see that a group of political zealots has initiated a recall effort against three courageous Fullerton City Council members who voted for the utility users' tax. We are afraid that without the utility users' tax monies the fine quality of life which lead us to purchase our home and raise our young family in Fullerton will be modified for the worst.

We have also been hit hard in these lean financial times, but this is one family that is willing to pay its fair share to maintain a great place to raise a family. Let us not bankrupt our children's future. We are tired of the vocal minority expecting something for nothing or a lot for a little.

We elected these people to be trustees of our city. The decision to approve this tax we are sure was not an easy one and certainly they knew it was not a popular one. We question the motives of those leading the recall with the addition of the city clerk to the recall effort. Recalled for what--doing her job? Do they place themselves above every other citizen of Fullerton?


* Fullerton

* City Clerk Anne York swore to uphold the law when she became city clerk. By refusing to accept a recall petition that did not comply with the law, York was doing exactly what she was elected to do--uphold the law! (Newswatch, July 16).

Recall leader Edward M. Caspers and his group would do well to put the blame where it belongs, with Gov. Wilson and the state Legislature. If (state government) hadn't taken our city's property taxes and transferred them to the schools, a city utility tax would not have been necessary. Councilmen A.B. (Buck) Catlin and Don Bankhead have given Fullerton many years of outstanding service. It's thanks to them and people like them that the citizens of Fullerton enjoy such a good quality of life. Enough said!



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