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Hiring a Professional to Help Develop Your Personal Style


What's all this fuss about looking your best, anyway?

According to image consultant Nancy Collins, who will be presiding at a dress-for-success and color analysis seminar in Pomona on Monday, there could be quite a lot at stake.

"Generally, before you even talk with someone, people form about 11 different opinions about you," Collins said--opinions based on your appearance. "From there, in a corporation, in the corporate world, it's very important. It's whether you get the job, or get the sale."

The answer? Know thyself.

Collins says she can help you do that by profiling the colors in your skin to determine what will look best next to your face, and determining your body shape so you know what styles will look best on you.

Collins said her instruction is for men as well as women.

"If they're in the corporate world, men definitely need to know (how they look)," Collins said.

The seminar is for the Shilo Hilltop Network, a group of community party and wedding businesses, but is open to the public at a cost of $10. The session will begin at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Shilo Inn, 3101 Temple Ave.

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