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'House' Still Stands

July 25, 1993

I really enjoyed Retro (TV Times, June 27) on "Little House on the Prairie." It is refreshing to know that at least a portion of today's TV viewers are still drawn to a show that, despite its sentimentality, retains its strength and character. Perhaps children who view "Little House" today will realize that there can be good entertainment without sex and violence.

Allison B. McDonald, San Dimas

Carroll Will Be Missed

Occasionally I watch KCAL's Prime 9 News broadcast. It disappoints me that the station has elected not to retain Larry Carroll. He is amiable, knowledgeable and professional. One station's loss will be another's gain.

Gary Traxler, Oxnard

Shales Took Wrong Turn

Regarding Tom Shales' commentary "Taking the Road Less Traveled" (TV Times, June 13):

"Route 66" was one of the funniest new shows we've had the pleasure of seeing in a long time. It was in no way irritating or intolerable. If he spent less time comparing it to the old "Route 66," he would have noticed that it had its own charm.

Dan Cortese is delightfully funny (not to mention great to look at). As for James Wilder, we can't wait to see more (of him).

Tammie and Mari Fawcett, Anaheim

'Years' of Growing Up

This is in response to Mr. Mittman's remarks about "The Wonder Years" (ABC) (TV Times, June 27). I had just started my sophomore year in high school when the series premiered in 1988 and was almost through college when the final episode aired awhile ago.

I can't understand a person who has the nerve to criticize the show after admitting he was never around to watch it to begin with. I was happy to see the series go for as long as it did and to see Kevin reach the end of his "wonder years."

Mike Herman, La Palma

TBS' 'Life' . . . and Death

Twelve hours of gruesome animal killings, as TBS airs the entire series of David Attenborough's "Trials of Life" all day Sunday (July 11).

What horrible images for the minds of youngsters who may be too fascinated to turn their TV sets off. Granted, such is the cruelty of nature, but what bothers me is that the photographers must have "staged" many of these killings--it is impossible for them to have just "been there" as all this occurred.

Alex Gordon, Los Angeles

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