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A New Arrival In Pine Valley

July 25, 1993|NANCY M. REICHARDT

New York — Grant Aleksander, who was very popular when he played Phillip Spaulding on "Guiding Light," is returning to daytime, but now he will be creating the role of Alec McIntyre on "All My Children."

Aleksander is slated to make his first on-air appearance on "All My Children" on Aug. 10. All that was revealed about the actor's story line is that Alec will come to Pine Valley to run Chandler Enterprises for Adam Chandler (played by David Canary), who was partially paralyzed as a result of the car accident that ultimately led to the death of Natalie Dillon (played by Melody Anderson). Alec, who has become very successful in the business world, will go to great lengths to keep it a secret that he actually comes from a very humble background.

The third actor to play Phillip Spaulding on "Guiding Light," Aleksander joined that show's cast in 1982 and left two years later to pursue other career options on the West Coast. After a brief stint as D.J. Phillips on "Capitol," Alexander returned to "Guiding Light" and his former role of Phillip in 1986, but left a second time a year later.

Also on "All My Children," Kale Browne will be seen on Friday in the short-term role of Denny, the former husband of Laurel Banning (played by Felicity LaFortune).


On Tuesday, another former daytimer, Nick Benedict, will be returning to the fold when he joins "Days of Our Lives" in the role of Curtis Reed. In the story line, Curtis is the father of Billie and Austin Reed (played by Lisa Rinna and Patrick Muldoon). Curtis' return will most affect his daughter, Billie, who had a very rocky childhood.

"AMC" fans will surely remember Benedict's portrayal of Phillip Brent, which he played from 1973 until 1979. After an absence of a couple of years from daytime, Benedict landed the role of Michael Scott on "The Young and the Restless" (1980-81) and then went on to play Ron Washington on the Christian Broadcasting Network soap "Another Life" (1981-84). He was most recently seen in a brief role on "Santa Barbara."

"All My Children" airs weekdays at noon on ABC; "Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays at noon on NBC.

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