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Ventura County Review

GI Jobs Program Proving Popular

July 27, 1993|JACK SEARLES

A "very favorable response" has been received from Ventura County employers regarding a new on-the-job training program for recently discharged veterans, reports Avelina Villalobos, manager of the Oxnard office of the state Employment Development Department.

The federally funded program will offer companies up to $12,000 reimbursement for hiring and retraining each veteran who was separated from service after Aug. 2, 1990.

"We've sent out letters announcing the plan to employers in Oxnard and Ventura, and we've already received 20 inquiries in the first week," Villalobos said.

She said both defense-related and non-defense-related concerns are welcome to participate.

Annette Havens, manager of the employment department's Ventura office, said employers contacted by her office were "very excited" about the plan, which will be launched next Monday.

The program, officially titled the Service Members Occupational Conversion & Training Act, will reimburse firms up to $12,000 for each disabled veteran hired and up to $10,000 for each veteran who is not disabled.

Glen Halsey, an EDD official who will coordinate the program, said $75 million has been allocated nationwide to help retrain veterans who left the service due to the nation's defense downsizing.

"It isn't as much money as was made available for a similar program in 1983, but we expect to help quite a few veterans start new careers," he said.

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