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Theme Park OKd With Restrictions

July 28, 1993|KURT PITZER

Los Angeles County planning officials approved a proposed 23-acre picnic spot and outdoor restaurant in the Agoura area Tuesday, but tacked on several restrictions, partly in response to protests from neighbors.

Fantasy Island, a theme park with waterfalls, mood lighting, nature paths, a fish pond and restaurant, was approved by hearing officer Pamela Holt, with a number of strict conditions on its operation, said John Shea, a Regional Planning Commission assistant.

The park on Triunfo Canyon Road just north of Lobo Canyon Road will be required to close between October and April because Triunfo Creek, which runs through the property, sometimes swells to dangerous levels during the rainy season, Shea said.

The capacity of the park also will be limited to 150 people, and sales of beer and wine will be allowed with meals only, Shea said. Officials will inspect the park twice a year for the next five years, after which the owner must reapply for a permit, he said.

Neighbors, some of whom said they may appeal the decision, have complained that the commercial enterprise might disturb the hilly region's tranquillity.

Others said it will cause increased traffic, possibly posing a fire hazard. Some opposed sales of beer and wine at the site.

Shea said county officials approved the project "mostly because the area is zoned for that type of commercial use."

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