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Bonilla, Davis Not Suspects


SAN FRANCISCO — Neither the Dodgers' Eric Davis nor New York Met Bobby Bonilla are suspects in the explosive-throwing incident Saturday that reportedly injured a 2-year-old girl and two others, according to William Hodgman, Los Angeles County deputy district attorney.

Prosecutors said Tuesday they are awaiting results on explosives tests before deciding whether to charge the Mets' Vince Coleman, who allegedly threw the device from Davis' car in the players' parking lot after Saturday's game at Dodger Stadium.

The matter is still under investigation, said Hodgman, adding "we are awaiting scientific work that is being done on the case. . . ."

The investigation is expected to be complete Thursday, he said.

Hodgman, who met with Coleman's attorney Tuesday, said that the explosive device, which has been reported to be an M-80, blew up about 25 feet from the nearest person. Fire officials have not specified what kind of device exploded and are testing it.

The three people who were injured were standing outside the chain-link security fence that encloses the Dodger players' parking lot, located behind the left-field pavilion. Coleman, who has declined comment, allegedly lit the explosive and threw it out a window as he was leaving the game in Davis' 1991 Jeep Cherokee. Davis was driving.

Davis--who said he did not realize what had happened--said Coleman threw the device about six feet from the car, and the crowd was much farther away.

Amanda Santos, the 2-year-old injured girl--she had been reported as being 1 year old--was said to have second-degree burns on her cheek, damage to an eye and a finger injury.

Darrell York, a Glendale lawyer, said Tuesday he was hired by the child's parents to pursue a possible lawsuit, alleging battery and negligence. They had not decided what players or organizations might be named in the lawsuit.

Also injured were Cindy Mayhew, 33, of Covina, who was treated for an ear injury and an 11-year-old boy who suffered a bruise on his leg.

Coleman was not in the starting lineup Tuesday night for the Mets' game against the Florida Marlins.

Asked about Coleman's status, New York Manager Dallas Green said: "I made the decision based on your activity," meaning the media. "It's very difficult for any athlete to go through something like this and perform up to his capabilities."

The team is staying tight-lipped.

"The Mets will have no comment on the case since no decision has been forthcoming from Los Angeles," said Gerry Hunsicker, Met assistant general manager. "Obviously, we're not happy with it, and we don't condone that kind of conduct."

The Associated Press and Newsday contributed to this story.

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