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High Life : A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Nibbling Away at Nails, Other Bad Habits

July 29, 1993|Responses to this week's question were gathered by Brian Singer, Fullerton Union High School

Habits are habits, and even though most high school students are still in their teens, their habits often are no less entrenched than those of adults. High Life asks, "What is your worst habit, and what are you trying to do to break it?"

"Biting my nails. I'm going to put Band-Aids on my fingers." Lettie Smith, 13, freshman, Fullerton Union High School

"Study habits. I'll try to study less and learn more. Study for 20 minutes, take a break. Then study for 20 minutes later." DeAngelo Gossett, 15, sophomore, Aliso Niguel

"When I'm nervous I eat the skin around my thumb fingernail. I cover it up with Band-Aids, and now it's going away." Laura Mutter, 17, senior, Troy

"I always play with my hair. I don't know what I'm going to do to break it." Lisa Grinfeld, 13, freshman, Sunny Hills

"I mumble a lot. Now I'm trying to talk more clearly." Jim Tway, 14, freshman, El Dorado

"Waking up for (early) period. I'm constantly tardy. I'm going to get five alarms. I have two now." Nga Le, 17, senior, Santiago

"Stuttering. I try to talk more clearly in class and speak slower." Shane Ely, 14, freshman, El Dorado

"I can't get up early because I want to get some more sleep. I want school to start at 9 a.m." Quyen Pham, 17, senior, Santiago

"Putting myself down. I do it too much. I'll try to be more optimistic." Dana Nielsen, 15, junior, Villa Park

"Putting off long-term assignments. When it comes time for it to be due, I have to rush it in the end, and I usually don't do a very good job. When it's assigned, I'm going to start it right away." Chris Woodward, 14, freshman, Corona Del Mar

"Not studying for tests. There's so many after-school activities. Tests aren't hard enough. Now I'll tell the teachers we need harder tests and study before I go out. It'll never happen, though." Jon Paul Bell, 14, freshman, Corona Del Mar

"Eating too much. I can't control myself. That's all I look forward to three times a day. I'm trying to eat healthy, and work out." Mike Soo Hoo, 16, junior, Sunny Hills

"Biting my nails, because I do it all the time. Now I've made a bet with my friend." Rhea Hilliard, 14, freshman, University

"Biting my nails, because I can't stop it. I paint them with gross-tasting nail polish." Erin Wilson, 16, junior, Fullerton Union

"Not studying. I'll try to have fewer things to do." Jimah Fahnbulleh, 14, sophomore, Aliso Niguel

"Putting my feet on the table. It ruins my back. I'm trying to keep my feet down." Jen Yoo, 14, sophomore, Sunny Hills

"Biting my nails. It's chipping my teeth. I use foul-tasting stuff on my nails." Hannah Burgess, 15, freshman, Aliso Niguel

"Chewing my nails, because I get nervous really easily. I use chewing gum a lot." Amber Campbell, 15, junior, El Dorado

"Bossing people around. They're never doing what they're supposed to do and I always get mad. I'm trying to not get so mad." Jana Guilford, 15, junior, El Dorado

"Chewing my nails. I do it all the time. I'm putting pepper on it. It's working!" Steve Rad, 14, freshman, Aliso Niguel

"Always wanting to be in control. Being in leadership positions (at school) has made me used to being in control. I'm learning to trust people more. I'm not doing a very good job of breaking it, though." Hasmig Minassian, 17, senior, Sunny Hills

Next Week's Hot Topic: If you were to describe yourself as an amusement park ride, which would it be? Why?

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