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July 30, 1993|ROSE APODACA

Scarf This Up

The perfect summer piece is something versatile, colorful and cool . . . the pareo . A rectangular cut of cotton cloth, it can be thrown around shoulders, wrapped diaper-style into shorts or tied around the head. Or turn it into a dress or skirt, sarong style. At Cost Plus Imports in Santa Ana, a saleswoman says they've blown out more than 100 of the Indonesian-made scarves ($15) in the past month alone.

Nap Time

"Most women tend to think of velvet only for evening," says Cynthia Weber Cleary, Glamour magazine's senior fashion editor. Come fall, throw out that classic notion. The rich, fuzzy fabric will be everywhere, she says, in blends that stretch, wash and are of lighter weight. The key: separates. "You can get more wear from a pair of velvet trousers by pairing them with a denim shirt or a silk blouse." Check out scarves, berets and other velvet accessories. By day, she warns, avoid ruby red or sapphire blue; stick to neutrals such as chocolate, wine or navy.

Charmed Life

Years spent in the Far and Middle East inspired Ilene Sirota to design jewelry with the charms, beads, coins and other bits she collected. The Santa Ana-based career crafter now finds components from Peru, Afghanistan, India and other faraway places that are from five months to 500 years old. They're mixed for cross-cultural flair. Among her latest: shards of antique broken Chinese pottery made into pendants. "My clients tend to be professionals who don't want to wear power bows or pearls with their tailored suits," she says. With the working woman in mind, she sells most items for less than $50.

Bad Taste That's Good

Fry it. Grill it. Now wear it: Spam, that curious food stuff and cousin to Cheez Whiz, marshmallows and other Americana cuisine. A navy Tee ($16) and mesh-back cap ($14) features the golden logo. So darn kitschy, it's cool. The Lighter Side, a Florida mail-order company, has sold "hundreds of the shirt" since introducing it a year ago, says spokesman Craig Tarbeck. "There must be a lot of Spam fans or people out there who think it's funny to wear it," he adds. "Did you know that a can of Spam is opened every four seconds?" Gee, vegetarianism sounds ever more appetizing.

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