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Must Stops for Hip Shoppers Who Want to Look Like Hip-Hoppers

July 30, 1993|JOANNA DENDEL

Electric Chair

One of the first Orange County stores to sell hip-hop, it has GAT baggy jeans ($60), Huntington Beach-based Soul's bowling button-up shirt ($40) and Huntington Beach-based Split's Beatnik tapered pants ($44) and plaid shorts ($39).

410 Main St., Huntington Beach, (714) 536-0784; 5269 2nd St., Long Beach, (310) 987-0778, and 10121 Hole Ave., Riverside, (909) 359-8003.


This is the designer boutique for hip-hoppers. Everything, including items sold with the Funkeesentials label, is under $100. The store also features jackets designed by Joel D Fitzpatrick for Pleasure Swell and shirts by Twenty-Four Seven of Costa Mesa and David Miller for Mondorama.

8026 Third St., L.A., (213) 653-2585.


This chain of stores selling low-priced shoes carries a full range of Converse high tops and low tops ($27) as well as suede Puma sneakers in all colors ($27) and the clunkiest platforms ever seen ($29).

Buena Park Mall, (714) 995-1311; MainPlace/Santa Ana, (714) 541-6882; South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, (714) 540-9801, and Westminster Mall, (714) 891-5973.

Maddest Hatter

This hat store has a big selection of wool berets in a range of colors for $12. Military-style berets are $18, as are newsboy caps.

8522 Beverly Blvd., L.A. (Beverly Center), (213) 657-4287.

The Melrose Jet-Rag

Shopping for vintage clothing at Jet-Rag is like a treasure hunt because there is so much merchandise. Shoppers with stamina will find vests ($11) and suede coats, both short and long ($40-$50). There's a large selection of psychedelic printed men's shirts ($15).

6111 Melrose Ave., L.A., (213) 465-7767.

Na Na Outlet

Even though the merchandise is from last season, most of it still works, and it's bargain-priced. Best buys: Cotton turtlenecks ($5), printed short- and long-sleeved shirts ($15) and tight striped jeans for men ($20) and women ($12).

8327 W. Third St., L.A., (213) 653-1252.

Rack 'N Ruin

This store merges punk with hip-hop, offering 100 different kinds of band T-shirts ($13.25). It also carries GAT and Lake Forest-based Gouge (which has a line called Hip-Hop), as well as Costa Mesa-based Swank's bright, multicolored T-shirts ($16) and baggy shorts ($37) plus 60 styles of Dr. Martens shoes and body-piercing jewelry.

23787 El Toro Road, Lake Forest, (714) 380-4033.


This is not just a lingerie store. The selection of sportswear for women is vast. Great funky hats are priced from $18 to $26. Crocheted suede vests that show midriffs are $62. Multicolored ribbed knit vests are $38, and Olive Oyl-style dresses are $59.

6438 Hollywood Blvd, L.A., (213) 464-7636.

Zac Attac

A store that carries street wear, rave, skate, punk and hip-hop, it offers everything from Dr. Martens to monkey boots to platform tennis shoes . . . and 40 lines of clothing, including Ben Davis, Dickies, Gouge, Fat Cap, Sucker, Street Smart, 187 and Stoopid. Soul's best-sellers are bowling shirts ($50) and Gigantor's jeans ($60), and Split's Super Jeans in double extra large ($60).

21184 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, (714) 960-7059.

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