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Bergeson Represents Politics as Usual

August 01, 1993

* Marian Bergeson is the most recent example of hypocritical politics. As state Sen. Bergeson, she voted for the $2.6-billion property tax shift to fund public education. Now, running for the office of Orange County supervisor, candidate Bergeson says, "Property taxes should go for property-related services. Let's make it so and stop the shifts."

Read my lips, Ms. Bergeson. What you do speaks so loud I can't hear what you say. I hope everyone will take a long look at your recent record before they decide to throw away our county government to the Clintonian politics of lies and misrepresentations.


San Clemente


* The Times article reporting on Marian Bergeson's intention to run for Board of Supervisors ("Bergeson Makes It Official," July 21) describes the event as a "show of strength that is expected to clear the field of any opponents."

At the same time, the Bergeson for Supervisor campaign mailed out invitations to a fund-raiser listing the same old bunch of developers as her sponsors. If a person wishes to attend this soiree, the "Pre-Reception Photo Opportunity" costs $1,000 per person, although couples may give $2,000 as long as the checks are drawn on separate bank accounts.

Aside from the propriety of a megabuck solicitation while Orange County is in the throes of an economic recession, two questions immediately come to mind. One is that if her election is such a cinch, why in the world would she need a huge war chest?

And secondly, what chance for any kind of fair representation will most residents of the 5th District have when their interests may be in conflict with those "who got their picture took"?


San Juan Capistrano

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