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New Vector Control 'Tax' Outrageous

August 01, 1993

* They're after us again! And once again they are blaming Proposition 13.

I received a card from the Orange County Vector Control District (as will all property owners) which says that they plan to increase a "per parcel service charge." And I didn't know there had been an "original" charge to pay for their services. Apparently, they have done this since Proposition 13.

And the reasoning? The state Legislature established a special fund, allocated to the Board of Supervisors, for redistribution to special districts. However, the supervisors kept the money and told the district to establish a "per parcel service charge" to make up for that loss of funding--to make up for the funds the supervisors kept!

The card tells the property owners that they can protest and sets out the method for doing so.

I urge every property owner to write a protest. This sounds very much like a tax, and that requires a vote of the people. If enough people protest, the assessment will be "abandoned," according to the card I received.

Surely there is a legitimate way to let the people know they are being taxed and how much.


Laguna Niguel

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