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Smaller School District Means Better Education

August 01, 1993

* The Los Angeles Unified School District is too large and inefficient to properly educate the vast majority of the kids of Los Angeles.

Besides being overcrowded, the schools are centers for drugs, gangs, crime, graffiti and taggers--centers for terrorism on students and the surrounding communities.

Smaller districts of 100,000 will allow administrators to use greater discipline and control to best educate and deal with their problems for a better education.

This is not a race issue. But race is used as the big lie to intimidate. The district is being held together by its bureaucracy, unions, self-interests and Assembly Speaker Willie Brown.

The issue is a demoralized school system that will cause greater flight by all races from it.


North Hollywood

The writer is legislative chairman of the Universal City/North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

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