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Beilenson Vote Against Space Station Appalling

August 01, 1993

* As a space station supporter and constituent of Rep. Anthony Beilenson, I find it appalling that he can continually vote to (by his own numbers) throw 1,000 of his constituents out of work, considering the economic condition of Southern California ("Berman Parts Company with Local Democrats on Space Station," July 16).

One would think that he would consider the economic impact if the 500 or so homes owned by space station employees in his district were suddenly thrown into our already saturated real estate market.

Everybody's property values would plunge.

If that isn't enough, he should consider that his 600,000 constituents pay about $6 million into the program but receive $50 million back just in salaries, an 800% return on investment.

This money is used locally to support everything from jewelry stores to the Salvation Army.

The next time he gets to vote on space station funding, let's hope Mr. Beilenson considers the interests of his constituents.



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